Rifle case 100  Futerał na broń 100 
ID:1590 :Futerał na broń 100 EAN:5902431600253

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Raccoon 85
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100 Wisport weapon case

Cover for transport and protection of weapons and airsoft replicas. It protects the cargo and ensures discretion in public places.
Cover made of Cordura protects against dirt and damage to the weapon. A simple and functional carrying system allows you to carry it on your back. Additional handles let you hang the cover on your arm or carry it in your hand.
The filling of the cover is made of extruded foam with a spatial structure providing excellent protection for the weapon. It prevents it from slipping inside the cover. For even better immobilisation of the equipment, the trocycle systems were placed on both sides of the cover.
Thanks to the partition inside the cover, it is possible to place two pieces of weapons in the cover. The baffle protects against contact of the equipment with each other.

On the outer wall the cover has a panel compatible with the PALS system and a flat pocket for additional equipment (shields, ammunition, accessories for weapons, etc.)

- Carrier system enabling transport on the back
- Handles for carrying in hand or on the shoulder
- Internal straps for fixing the transported equipment on both sides
- Partition allowing the transport of two weapons in one cover
- A system of straps enabling the attachment of additional equipment from the outside
- PALS panel on the front cover
- Panel ID for fixing morale patches or snares Wisport - Proudly Made in Poland
- Organizer pocket
- Locked main lock
- Spatial embossed filling (exchangeable)

Dimensions of the cover: 100x30cm

Cover available in various colors.
Futerał na broń 100
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